Alphabet Blanket Idea..

This is also posted over on Ravelry but just in case someone reads this & isn't a member there I wanted to post this information here too.

I had an idea & figured I would run it past everyone here to see what you all thought. I thought we could make an alphabet blanket. Everyone can pick a letter & knit it up then send it to Figaro she will keep track of them until we have all the pieces we need & then send them off to her mom for seaming.

In total we need 28 squares 26 which are the alphabet & the other 2 will be the state of California one will go before the A & the other will go after the Z. I figure there are 40 some odd members so there are enough that each person can knit one but if we don’t get enough people we can always pick up the extra letters.

So with that being said I will give everyone a choice of what letter they want to pick sorry first come first serve just post below what letter you want.
There are a few rules(yea I can hear the awwws)
  1. Knit squares on size 7 needles please.
  2. Use only acrylic yarn please.
  3. As for color choices nothing to dark or variegated we would like the letters to be able to be seen please.
I will give everyone until the end of the month to say they want to help & pick letters then we will go from there with whatever letters are left.
You can find the patterns for the letters here at Knitting Knonsense

In case you are not a member of the Rav group we also have a Facebook group called Knit For Hope you can go there & check us out also but if you want to knit a square please email me at KnittingForHope@gmail.com & let me know your name & the letter you want if you have a preference.