Pictures from Bea

Debbie emailed me these pictures that her mom sent her today. I want to thank everyone for continuing to send stuff even in these hard times. It is greatly appreciated. I am sure some you may have seen before but I wanted to post everything she sent.


Another Day, Another Package

Last week I got another box off to Bea. While cleaning earlier in the week I found the stash of gloves I had accumulated earlier in the year at the end of winter sales. 36 pairs of gloves ranging from toddler size to 1sz fits all :O
The box contained: 15 pairs of 1sz fits all gloves, 12 pairs of toddler sz gloves, 4 long sleeved onesies, 1 sweater vest, 3 1sz fits all hats, 2 pairs of thermal pants & 1 thermal top.

     Man was that poor flat rate box stuffed!!

I've found some other things to send in as well but not enough to fill a box yet. On Monday while I was waiting for my prescriptions I found some toddler shoes for $1/pair! :O Well you just can't pass up a  deal like that so I got 4 pairs 2 girl & 2 boy. Those will go into the next box.