More Great Goodies..

I got these pictures in the email the other day from two people Kathy & Danielle. You all are amazing with all the donations.

The first picture comes from Kathy she found a lot of stuff at Marshalls's in the email Kathy told me what she got in the email "I found a great sale today at Marshall's. Two blankets, 7 onsies, 2 sleepers or whatever they are called and a fleece hoodie w/ pants.
There are 2 more blankets, but they are already packed.

The next photos is from Danielle
She also included an abundance of stuff the hats are so cute & the teddy bear is so adorable.

As always we want to thank everyone for all their donations you guys are the best.


I have a box full of non knitted items that is going out today. I know we are focusing on babies for these next couple months but I have found a pair of thermal pj's & some hats my kids have worn a few times but no longer fit so I washed them & am sending them along with a pair of gloves I've bought to go with each one. Also sending some store bought receiving blankets, baby snow suit & 4 long sleeved onesies. And as of today we have a facebook group! So if you are on facebook come join us. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=251332187281


Contest in progress

I hope everyone is staying safe & warm in all this cold weather. I wanted to let everyone know that the first contest is now in progress. It will run from Jan.1-Feb28 & we are focusing on ages newborn-6 months. We will move up in ages as we go so that no age group is left out. The prize this time will be a skein of Patons classic wool & some chocolate. Remember all you have to do to be in the running is send a package off sometime between now & Feb 28th & let us know by either commenting here on the blog or emailing Rae. If anyone has any favorite baby patterns feel free to share with the rest of us. Thanks to everyone for all you've done & I look forward to seeing many more pictures of packages received by Bea.


Happy New Year!

How are you doing out there?  Its cold over here on the mid-atlantic coast...I think its around 26 degrees out there and that is not factoring in the wind...BRRR!

Talked to my mom over the holiday break and she has received 3 boxes!  One was from me, it was all store bought stuff, a few things from Big Lots, some store bought knit wear that my daughters used last year and I found some great snowsuit type outwear for a boy and a girl along with some newborn onsie undershirts for a boy and girl.  I even found a preemie shirt there too!  So I boxed up that stuff and a few more things and sent them off...

This was a box that she received from Isabelle all the way from Northern Ireland!  I love that, people from all over the globe are sending in stuff to a little tribe in Northern California...

And here is the last box she received, from Marianne in Florida...


Thank you to all of you who has helped us out here, it is so cold there now, all of this wonderful stuff will go to people who really do need it.  And because of all of you, they will still know that people out there do care about them! big hug