I know, I am bad about posting here.  Thank you RaeKnitsnWa for kicking me in the butt...

I have knit up 4 alpha blocks for the blanket, here they are
and here are the blocks I received from hularac via Ravelry...

and here are the ones from danishknitter via Ravelry...
Don't they all look great?!

I just got off the phone with my mom and she was finally able to remember the camera so she could take pics of the great stuff she has received!  I will only use first names but she has received a big box from Kathy, here it is...

And here is a box from Isabelle in Ireland again!

And she did receive the hats from Danielle too!

A quick update on the items that have been sent prior to these pictures...they have all been handed out!  And my mom is looking forward to getting all the squares too, she is gonna see about getting some help in the seaming and I told her we would all like some pictures, even if its the hands seaming, that would be great!  And she is going to also try to get pictures of the kids that come in wearing the items that have been sent, I think it would be good to see them being used.

Well, that is it for now, keep it up knitters!  You are making a difference for the people on the Reservation who receive these or even the people that hear about what we are doing!  Thank you all so much!

Goodies from Danielle

Danielle sent me this picture of some hats that she has knit & sent out to Debbie's mom


I Was Wrong

Soo my last post about those being my last squares well I was wrong lol there were 3 left & I picked them up so we could get this done & off to Debbie's mom. But I do promise you that this is the last of my squares lol. I also threw in a baby hat I made for good measure.