A beautiful scarf all the way from Scotland!

My mom received this wonderful scarf from a knitter in Scotland, thank you so much!  It will be much loved and much used by whomever receives it!


More hats and other items!

She has received my box I sent and 2 more!  They are all so impressed with such generosity from all you wonderful knitters!  There are 5 Indian Health Clinics all throughout the county and she thinks she has enough to share some with the other clinics, that is WONDERFUL!!  I won't post another pic of mine because I just posted one in the last post but I will post the other two pictures, one box is from California and the other is from North Carolina.  The box from North Carolina had a lot of stuff in them, not only knitted items either, well take a look for yourself!

This is the box from California, I love the baby soaps and crayons in this one!

See!  I told you it was a lot of stuff!  Thank you so much for all the items, they will be used by some very grateful people who are in need!

My mom is also going to be sending me a brochure of the program and I will either type out the info here or/and try to scan the brochure and post it here, that way all of you can get a better idea of what they are doing there. 

I will let you know that I am trying to post when she is able to send me a picture of the items she recieved, she is not in the office on Mondays and Wednsdays so it all depends on when she is there, when she is able to take a picture and upload them to her computer then email them to me.

Its been almost 2 months to the day that my friends and I started this blog and in that time, United Indian Health Clinic has recieved 9 or 10 boxes of handknit items, toiletries and various other items!  Thank you all so much for your long distance show of affection!big hug


Shipping my hats and other items out tomorrow

I finally finished the hat and it is now all packaged up and will be mailed off to my mom tomorrow.  There are 4 store bought hats that I got from the dollar store, 2 packs of toothbrushes along with some toothpaste, hair ties, soaps and lotions from my husbands stays at hotels and 5 1st class packs that he gets from his airline travels.  The matching hat and sock set was mailed to me from my friend Auburnchick and they are soo soft! 

I will be starting another hat this weekend but at the same time will be knitting up some hats for my daughters.


And another box has been received!

My mom just emailed me with a picture of hats that she has received.  This is from someone in Washington state.  She loves them and a thank you card will be going out within a day or so.

She also received a box of hats from someone in CA from the previous post, the first picture but housekeeping took the box before she was able to get the address off of it.  I am contacting that person now and as soon as I can get the address, my mom will get it and a thank you card will go out soon after.

I do know that she has already handed out some of the hats to pregnant moms that have come in and they (and the dads too) love them!  The new mom and dad that received the blanket were  pleased to receive such a beautiful blanket  & was touched that people from all over are sending items to their reservation.

I am about ready to send off my own box of hats and some toiletry items that I have been picking up.  My husband flys quite a bit and sometimes he gets in 1st class, he gets some items there to freshen up on the flight but instead of using them, he would give them to me.  I did not know what to do with them but now they are going to my mom, she will know who to give them to.  I will post a pic of all the items as soon as I finish one more hat.