And another box has been received!

My mom just emailed me with a picture of hats that she has received.  This is from someone in Washington state.  She loves them and a thank you card will be going out within a day or so.

She also received a box of hats from someone in CA from the previous post, the first picture but housekeeping took the box before she was able to get the address off of it.  I am contacting that person now and as soon as I can get the address, my mom will get it and a thank you card will go out soon after.

I do know that she has already handed out some of the hats to pregnant moms that have come in and they (and the dads too) love them!  The new mom and dad that received the blanket were  pleased to receive such a beautiful blanket  & was touched that people from all over are sending items to their reservation.

I am about ready to send off my own box of hats and some toiletry items that I have been picking up.  My husband flys quite a bit and sometimes he gets in 1st class, he gets some items there to freshen up on the flight but instead of using them, he would give them to me.  I did not know what to do with them but now they are going to my mom, she will know who to give them to.  I will post a pic of all the items as soon as I finish one more hat.

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