Some Information To Get You Started

Thank you for taking the time to stop by & read about what we are trying to do for the residents of The Yurok Tribe on the The Yurok Reservation. I am going to try & answer some of your question here in this post but please feel free to email us at knittingforhope@gmail.com.

1. The tribe colors are red & black but all colors are appreciated.

2. Please make sure the yarn you use is washable.

3. If you knit something in Wool please put it in a bag with a note saying its made from wool

4. They are in need of hats & scarves for adults/kids & hats for babies.

5. If you are worried about the cost of shipping you can order flat rate shipping boxes from the post office & send them out that way.

6. If you decide to knit something please email us a picture so we can post it here love to see your work.

7. In addition to scarves & hats, shawls, lapghans, any & all baby items as well as basic toiletries are needed

8. There is no deadline so you can send things anytime you want

You can mail them to the address below they will be delivered to Debbie's mom & distributed out to everyone.

United Indian Health Services
Attn: Bea Nix
State Hwy 96 & State Hwy 169
Weitchpec, CA 95546


Purpleviolin91 said...
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Purpleviolin91 said...

do you accept knitted baby toys?