Now With Prizes...

In the interest of keeping things interesting Debbie & I have decided to start having some contests. The basic idea is we will have say a 2 month period where we will focus on sending specific items ie: baby hats or hats/mittens/scarves for certain age groups, socks, well you get the idea. Winners will be picked by putting names into a bowl & drawing them out since for any number of reasons some people are able to contribute more than others but since everyone is contributing everyone should have a chance to win something. Prizes will be things like gift cards to Michaels/Joann/etc or a package with yarn & chocolate (yumm). All you have to do to be entered into the contests is post a comment saying "I mailed a package" or you can email Rae whatever you feel more comfortable doing

Also if the items being focused on for the contest are something you can't knit (let's face it not everyone likes to or can knit socks) you can either knit whatever makes you happy which is what we're all already doing, buy said items, or Debbie just told me the other day books for young children are needed on the reservation so feel free to send some books. This is just a way to make things fun & to say thanks for all you do so please don't feel pressured to make things you don't enjoy making. This also helps those who need things like deadlines & structure *raises hand & admits to being a scatterbrain who needs structure* I also set up a spreadsheet so everyone can see all the progress. I broke it up into age groups as well as items so that if say 10 people want to knit hats we can look at the sheet & hopefully spread it out a bit more. Again these are just ideas running through my head & not a way to pressure anyone. Spreadsheet can be found here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0An7i_e_r_hyhdGtGbzZ4cHM5ZFdtSHpVNFRySXktTlE&hl=en

My plan is to have the first contest run Jan/Feb with the prize going out in March. If anyone has any thoughts on what to focus on for those months feel free to share. And I will post what the prize will be since I'm in charge of first contest once I figure that out myself since I'm still in brainstorm mode ;) If anyone has any thoughts/suggestions on this post feel free to share.

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