And another package is almost ready!

Hello all! I think I have been busy with my knitting.  I have 5 hats done plus one that needs the decreases to be done (will do that today), one of them I knit for my middle daughter but it came out way too small.  I also knit a little tiny pair of newborn mittens knit with the same yarn as one of the hats.  On top of the hats, I have store bought mittens, adult diabetic socks, lots of newborn socks from Target, a couple of newborn outfits, a couple of thermal underwear for girls, a couple of new toy sets, 2 boxes of applesauce that I thought for my daughters but they were too small, some kid sized store bought hats, 2 bottles of unopened multi vitamins and a lady off of Freecycle gave me a bunch of little boy clothes...and last but not least 2 Yurok Tribe tee shirts for little kids.  Those were for my daughters, I weighed the pros and cons of keeping them vs giving them back to the tribe and decided that the Tribe could use them more than me right now.

So that is the contents of my latest box, I think I am gonna have to find a box a little bigger cause I don't think this one will be able to close for shipping! 

I found a pattern to knit that is just calling my name very loudly right now, its a newborn baby blanket/stroller blanket and its a pattern I like.  Its a 4x1 (4 purl stitch to 1 knit stitch) pattern, I have been working on a sock forever with this pattern and I just really like the look of it.  I just need to find the perfect yarn for it. 

I think that is it for now, although I have patterns swimming in my head lately.  We are moving to Canada this summer so I need to start on some winter hats for my daughters and me plus I am knitting on some shawls with the 2 other ladies here and then there is the sweater that Rae knit that I want to knit to add to another package for the Tribe.