Another Box Full

I would like to thank Rae for kicking me in the butt today....... lol
Yep sorry about not posting on here for awhile. But I have another box full & will be heading to the post office with it soon. In cleaning out my basement I have come across massive amounts of clothes my boys have outgrown & boy do I ever wish shipping them wouldn't cost so much. But since s&h prices are not coming back down I have just gone through and gathered all of the pajamas to send to Bea. The rest of the clothes are going to a girl in my knitting guild who is a single mom with 2 girls (her girls are a bit tomboyish). I've been going through the boxes as I find them & rewashing everything since they've been in the basement for quite awhile. I gave her a box Monday night & already have 2 more in the back of the van for her *happy dance*. So here are pics of my box contents:

5 pairs of pj's, 1 hat, 6 pairs if toddler size mittens, 4 pairs of gloves, 2 hand knit hats & 6 pairs of socks

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