some random thoughts & another contest

Looks like it's been a long while since any of us posted here. Sorry about that! I hope that everyone is doing well & none of you were in the path of the recent tornado's. They hit close enough to where I am that a LYS is collecting squares to make blankets for a couple families. :(
I've been busy here with some remodeling stuff. Time consuming but totally worth it. I do suspect  my husband will ban me from going to Lowe's pretty soon though :D He said to me yesterday "I swear every time you go to that store it means more work for me". Yesterdays trip resulted in vinyl siding for the front of the house. Our house is all brick except for 1 small section in the very front & it's wood. Scrape & repaint every few years?? No thanks......slap some vinyl siding on it once & be done with it.
So about that contest........ yep restarting the contests *yay*
This contest will run from 5/5-7/5 and all you have to do is email Rae a picture letting her know you sent a package to Bea. There are no other requirements.....knit or crochet whatever makes you happy for whatever age group and send it in. At the end of the contest I'll put all the names in a hat & let 1 of my boys pick 2 names. The prize will be yarn or yarn related.

Happy crafting & thanks again for all you do

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