I would like to also apologize to my friend Rae about my lack of activity here on the blog.  I am a person who, unless I think I have something to add to it, I tend to stay in the background quite a bit.  I also have alot going on at home, DH's job takes him away from home quite a bit and now since he has taken the job of president/general manager of the Canadian arm of the company, he will be gone more until we move to Canada this summer.  I am not excusing my lack of being here but just letting you all know that stuff has been happening here.  Christina and I both agreed that we will be posting here on a weekly basis so I think that should help. 

And I wanted to say again that anything and everything that my mom receives at the clinic is so appreciated by all who have sent boxes in.  My mom did send me a pic a day or two ago (had to search for it here on my new laptop) and this is what she sent me "This is from Kathy Fields, in Newcastle, CA. And it has so much for babies. It was just fun going through it, and it will be more fun putting it out in the community! Love, Mom"
and here is the pic of everything she sent, that is a lot!!  Thank you so much!  It will all be appreciated!!

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Blue Ridge Knitter said...

wow what an awesome box!