Some random thoughts

It has been mentioned that this blog doesn't get updated often enough. And to a certain extent that is true. We tend to leave that all on Rae which isn't fair to her either. However Rae can't update by constantly talking about herself or what she's doing. She does update & post pics whenever she is sent pics of what someone has sent. I for one should really be doing my own post when I send things since I am a co-owner of this here blog & I promise I will be better about pulling my weight here Rae. I had a lot of stuff going on over the Summer/Fall so I wasn't able to send things I had gathered up to send until November. I was still busy knitting baby hats & had bought some items to send as well. I for one am thankful for each & every one of our members who send items in & I know the folks receiving these items are so happy to have them & put them to good use. I tell you I love knitting for babies because you know babies could care less what color you use, they don't care if it looks perfect & you know neither does mom. I can tell you knitting for men....UGH All I ever hear from male friends who want knitted items is "I want it in black or gray" *insert eye roll* yeah ummm no. I have gotten to where I tell them when they ask me to knit for them & I ask what color "if you say black or gray I get to stab you repeatedly with a metal knitting needle" surprisingly enough I don't hear that anymore :D
So while I do still have plenty going on in my life (see my blog if you're interested in hearing all about it) I am still happily knitting away for the babies.... I've almost got enough to fill another box. I'll post pics once I am ready to send another box in. If anyone has any ideas for things they'd like to see here on the blog feel free to email one of us about it. We could share patterns, recipes, whatever & really it can be off topic sometimes :)

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